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DC100 - Seco Consultancy

Dispense Control DC100

The DC100 gives ultimate shop floor security with great options for the different configurations of compartments that will allow for maximum storage capacity. It comes with 10 shelves as standard, but can fit up to 28 giving you the potential for a massive 840 SKU’s per DC100!

Depth:  880mm

Hight:  1830mm

Width:  1040mm

Weight:  377Kg

Robust and reliable

100% control

Configure to fit both for high volume and many stock keeping units

Boxed items upto 30Kg

Number of Shelves: 1-28 (Height between 75-300mm)

Number of dividers/shelf: 1-30

Total possible SKUs is 840 in 28mm wide compartments with 300mm deep pockets

Shelf is 920mm wide and 300mm deep.

Includes: monitor, integrated barcode scanner, pc, power supply, rfid reader, 10 shelves and 150 dividers. External barcode scanner

Optional: Other login system,

Dispense control, DC100

Ready to take back control of your inventory?