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Global Masterclass - Seco Consultancy





Production managers & business owners constantly struggle with key elements that determine the efficiency of the company. Issues related to Delivery service, cost & productivity monitoring and the quality of the work achieved are always on priority. Operational excellence combining the expertise of Machining and Manufacturing techniques come to rescue for a machine-shop. But, where can you find your customized solutions encapsulated. Hence is the need for a Masterclass to bring the concepts of operational and machining excellence in a production shop to the classroom. A Masterclass will prepare you with knowledge of new production concepts and you can build a sustainable future for your company.

The underlying concept is NEXT STEP which is specifically developed for HMLV (High-Mix Low-Volume) production. It is a new production philosophy that offers a comprehensive approach to process description and optimization. In the model, the correlations between performance, quality, cost structure, non-productive times, output and other relevant factors are traced and recorded.



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Upcoming events:

  • Australia: Sydney, 21-22 October. Read more and request your invite HERE.

Previous events:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • India
  • Malaysia

A Masterclass is a 2-day event which brings the concepts of operational and machining excellence in a production shop customized according to the needs of a High-Mix Low Volume production scenario right onto a classroom.

At the events you will get an unique opportunity to be part of a carefully selected group of manufacturing executives focusing on manufacturing efficiency improvements. At the events:

  • You are part of a 20-member exclusive team who gets benefited from the unique concept of NEXT STEP-course focused on manufacturing efficiency improvement.
  • You get complete focus of a limited group, hence personalized suggestions and solutions.
  • You achieve greater optimization and immediate result in a High-Mix Low-Volume production scenario.
  • You get a complimentary GTDA (Global Tool Deterioration Analysis) which evaluates your effectiveness in tools usage in your shop. This solution is focused towards optimization of tools usage irrespective of the brand of cutting tools you use.