Four Digital Transformation Trends Driving Industry 4.0

Daniel Newman at talks about the trends driving Industry 4.0 including connected consumers, empowered employees and optimized production.

When you hear the word “industry,” you may think of factories or tall smokestacks. And even though technology grows in leaps and bounds daily, this is still our mindset. For manufacturers that want to remain in the game, they must embrace the digital transformation and everything it has to offer. They need to pay attention to the digital transformation trends driving industry 4.0.

How important is the digital transformation for manufacturers? According to PWC, out of 2,000 manufacturers, 86% expect to see cost reductions and revenue gains from their digitization efforts over the next five years. If you’re not on it already, it’s time to jump on board. 

Four Digital Transformation Trends Driving Industry 4.0
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