Cybersecurity in the Age of Smart Manufacturing

René Waslo, Tyler Lewis, Ramsey Hajj and Robert Carton discuss cybersecurity in smart manufacturing over on The Wall Street Journal.

Cyber risk is nothing new to any company operating today, but for many manufacturers, the threats are more acute than ever. The current pace of digital transformation, coupled with increased digital interconnectedness around the globe, can further exacerbate the risks of cyber intrusions.

Smart manufacturing, sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0, heralds a new age of responsive supply networks and tailored products and services made possible by advanced technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials, and augmented reality. Through the use of these and other interconnected technologies, Industry 4.0 strives to marry the digital world with physical action to enable better manufacturing through such concepts as the digital twin.

However, the elevated threats that can accompany the many potential benefits can’t be ignored. When supply chains, factories, customers, and operations are connected, cyber risks become greater and potentially further-reaching. Mitigating them depends on an integrated cybersecurity plan that typically covers three key areas: digital supply networks, smart factories, and connected devices.
Image credit: The Wall Street Journal

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